China Import Savings & Product Examples

China Import Savings and Product Examples

Savings Examples

Here are some examples of the savings we have sourced for our clients, with average savings of more than 50%.

  Product Australian supplier
buy price ($)
Sourced by
ChinaDirect landed ($)
Saved ($) %
1 Cable tie 3.69 0.80 2.89 78%
2 Plastic bag 3,950.00 1,600.00 2,350.00 59%
3 Toilet paper 0.50 0.12 0.38 76%
4 Latex pillow 50.00 10.00 40.00 80%
5 Rubber pad 0.22 0.07 0.15 68%
6 T-shirt 6.80 1.50 5.30 78%
7 Laminate floor 25.00 7.00 18.00 72%
8 Birthday candles 1.35 0.078 1.272 94%
9 Metallic party hats 6.00 0.70 5.30 88%
10 Coffee cup set 4.00 0.90 3.10 78%


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Product Examples

ChinaDirect can source almost any product you can imagine. And if we can't find it, chances are we can arrange for it to be manufactured. Here are some examples...

1.0 Steel Products

Source Direct from China - Steel Products 1.1 Reinforcing Mesh - European, USA, AUS / NZ standard in all rods diameters with either plain or convoluted rod

1.2 Reinforcing Rod - European, USA, AUS / NZ standards all diameter plain & convoluted

1.3 Coil Steel Rod - All diameters

1.4 Galvanized Nails, Roofing Nails, Steel Nails, Tacks etc -most sizes

2.0 Housing Products

Source Direct from China - Housing Products 2.1 Kitchens either modular or to design, paint, laminate, PVC or melamine exteriors, melamine interiors

2.2 Marble, natural granite, synthetic granite, terrazzo or laminate kitchen & vanity bench tops

2.3 Stainless steel or chrome pull out baskets and designer pantry baskets

2.4 Stainless steel kitchen sinks, single & double bowl with or without drainer trays or bowls molded into synthetic granite top

2.5 Kitchen sink taps, ceramic disc

2.6 Showers, vanities, baths, bathroom tap ware (including auto sensing) and bathroom fittings

2.7 Toilets including special designs for the aged care market.

2.8 Doors external in 100% mahogany, PVC, fiber-glass & steel (burglarproof) internal in white oak, or hollow core 4, 6, 7 & 8 panel and also various other designs, with or without glass panels in them

2.9 Door frames

2.9.1 Door locks and locking systems, domestic & commercial right up to card operated and finger or palm print activated

2.9.2 Double glazed windows & doors (Ranch or French), powder coated aluminum or plastic

2.9.3 Wooden & synthetic wood window shutters

2.9.4 Solar water heating systems, either gravity fed or pressurized systems (including water cylinder)

2.9.5 Street lighting poles and lights, both electrical and solar powered

2.9.6 Wood composite decking timber (50% recycled wood. 50% plastic), looks like wood, can be stained or painted is rot-proof, UV proof, waterproof, mildew & mold resistant, 5 x stronger than wood & 7 times the nail holding power, does not splinter and has wood grain appearance.

2.9.7 Gas Cook-tops, 2 to 5 burner

2.9.8 Kitchen rangehoods

3.0 Furnishings

Source Direct from China - Furnishings 3.1 Blinds, vertical, venetian, wooden slat, roman either manual or electronically remote controlled and wooden slat window shutters.

3.2 Lounge suites

3.3 Dining tables & chairs, coffee tables in glass tops

3.4 Bedroom suites & mattresses

3.5 Entertainment centers & buffet cabinets

3.6 Wardrobe systems & sliding doors

3.7 Office Furniture, desks, shelving

3.8 Air-conditioning equipment

4.0 Equipment

Source Direct from China - Equipment 4.1 Tower Cranes

4.2 Construction Goods Lifts

4.3 Steel scaffolding

4.4 Safety mesh for use on outside of scaffolding

4.5 Excavators, ditch diggers, front end loaders, bulldozers, pile drivers

4.6 Generators

4.7 Forklifts - 1.5 ton to 6 ton, diesel, petrol, gas, dual fuelled & electric

5.0 Textiles

Source Direct from China - Textiles

5.1 Bed linen, fitted sheets, duvets, quilts from commercial grade right up to the very highest japara grade fabrics in 100% cotton, polyester / cotton, polyester sateens

5.2 Mattress protectors, standard poly / cotton quilted, waterproof PVC, velour quilted luxury protectors

5.3 Polo shirts

5.4 Promotional embroidered caps

5.5 Incontinence products

6.0 Plastic Products

Source Direct from China - Plastic Products 6.1 Plastic pallets

6.2 Plastic boxes (nestable / stackable)

6.3 Plastic crates

7.0 Chemicals

Source Direct from China - Chemicals 7.1 Raw vitamins for pharmaceutical manufacture (B12)

7.2 Feedstock vitamins

7.3 Rare Earths (Presidium oxide, erbium oxide etc.)

7.4 Cobalt oxide, cobalt sulphate

7.5 Choline Chloride (Vitamin B4)

7.6 Soda Ash (Light & Dense)

7.7 Pthallic anhydride

7.8 Seaweed extracts

7.9 Grapeseed Oil

7.10 Peanut Oil (Finest grades in the world)

7.11 Copper Sulphate

8.0 Other non related products

Source Direct from China 8.1 Coin operated cell-phone charging stations

8.2 Rolling advertisement boards

8.3 Paper and paper products, paper machinery (cup, bowl making etc)

8.4 Electrical control panels made to design or designed & built

8.5 Electrical transmission equipment, towers, insulators, substations (designed or built to specification)

8.6 Cellphone accessories

8.7 Packaging - paper, card, plastic, glass etc

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