Product Sourcing from China

Import from China (End-to-End)and save 30-50% 
 Reputable WholesalersSuppliers, and Manufacturers.
  • Custom Manufacturing
  • Off-the-shelf products
  • Create your Brand
  • China Wholesale Buying Trips
  • Offices in Australia and China
  • Pre-Shipment Inspections and Quality Control
  • We work to get you the Best Deal!
ChinaDirect Awards

Chinese Manufacturer

Custom products manufactured to spec.

China Buying Trip

The Canton Fair and Wholesale Buying Trips

Bulk Buy from China

One product or Mixed Container

Want to Import From China?

Own a business, Start-up, Amazon Seller, Farmer,
Looking for Freedom or have an Invention!

“We are a product sourcing company that offers end-to-end import assistance to source, negotiate, and facilitate delivery of products from China.”

Save 30% – 80% by importing direct from the factory

Use the award winning ChinaDirect to manage your sourcing project, to save time, money and headaches when importing from China to Australia.


Why ChinaDirect?​​
Independent Sourcing Agent

The most suitable supplier is chosen for you and not the one paying the highest commission


You receive full details of the suppliers sourced for your product/s

Reduced Risk Importing from China
Reduced risk

Bicultural management, we use stringent systems to micro-manage suppliers

Custom Manufacturing
Custom Manufacturing

Have specific requirements/blueprint, we will find a Manufacturer for you

Save Time
Save time

Outsource your purchasing to us to focus on what you do best

Save Money Importing from China
Save money

Slash importer middle man margins

Risk Management
Save headaches

Your sourcing project is our challenge, not your headache

Shipping Containers
Smart access to China

Use our knowledge and contacts to make it happen, quickly

We would love to see if we can save you 30-80%
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Over 30,000 Supplier Database

You get:
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