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Want to Import From China?

Import From China - China Manufacturer

"We are a product sourcing company that offers end-to-end import assistance to source, negotiate, and facilitate delivery of products from China."

Save 30% - 80% by importing direct from the factory

Use the award winning ChinaDirect to manage your sourcing project, to save time, money and headaches when importing from China to Australia.

You get

  • Many manufacturers tendering for your business
  • Proven quality control system to minimise risk
  • Professional negotiators working on your behalf
  • Single person contact in Australia, and feet on the ground in China
  • End-to-end management, from sourcing the supplier, to delivery to your door.

ChinaDirect work as your Sourcing Project Manager, working solely for your interests. We are not importers (buy/sell), nor agents (commission from seller).

We are an Australian based company, with an office in China, sourcing most product types from Greater China.


Shipping Container

Chris Underwood
Supply Chain Manager
Priestley's Gourmet Delights

"Dealing with China Direct was an obvious step forward for our business. We had already engaged with a Chinese supplier but lacked the skills to take the transaction to the next level."

Import Products

Michael Copp
Elite Orthotics

"The clearly defined process with designated Stages of the project was extremely helpful. Progress reports were very clear as to what stage of the Project we were at and communication was always immediate and clear."
China Imports

Sara Kubler
The Mad West

"China Direct Sourcing Services offered us an experienced hand at sourcing manufacturing for our clothing business with the best possible result. They have excellent procedures in place..."
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Why ChinaDirect?

  • Independent - The most suitable supplier is chosen, not the one paying highest commission
  • Transparent - You receive full details of the suppliers sourced
  • Reduced risk - Bicultural management use stringent systems to micro-manage suppliers
  • Smart access to China - Use our knowledge and contacts to make it happen, quickly
  • Save time - Outsource your purchasing to us to focus on what you do best
  • Save money - Slash importer middle man margins
  • Save headaches - Your sourcing project is our challenge, not your headache.

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Is it cheaper for me to buy direct from the factory in China compared to Australia, after adding in on-costs like freight, Customs and duties?

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