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Translations (Chinese and English)

We translate texts from Chinese (Mandarin) into English and from English into Chinese (Mandarin). We localise Chinese (Mandarin) texts into English and English texts into Chinese (Mandarin). Whatever we translate, we can localise.

Localising is more than just translating. In addition to converting the language of a text, the culture-specific and nation-specific elements in that text are adapted to suit the intended readership.

We work together as a team – thoroughly applying our knowledge of our respective native languages. This way we ensure that texts have been correctly understood in the source language and are accurately articulated in the target language. If we are unclear about any aspect of the text, we do not hesitate to contact the customer for clarification.

You can send us the text in any of the following forms:

  • on paper
  • by post
  • fax
  • as a computer file
  • by e-mail.

We can send you the translation of the texts in either (or both) of the above forms.

(We can handle computer files in any format compatible with Word for Windows, Excel, PowerPoint or HTML.)

Price for translating: first 100 words $50, then $40 per 100 words.

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