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Learn Chinese (Mandarin) For Travellers

Learn Chinese with real Chinese people in 8 weeks!

Chinese For Travellers The Most Powerfully Effective Chinese Language Learning System Ever Developed! Imagine being able to speak and understand Chinese in only 8 weeks! Sound impossible? Well, it’s not! This is a revolutionary method of learning Chinese.

A beginner’s Chinese survival kit where the basics are learned rapidly and efficiently. The solid compact but useful conversation will be learned supported by authentic cultural background

No homework (if you choose), No writing, No grammar, Active participation

The Chinese for Travelers Program provides the absolute maximum amount of everyday language that enables you to establish rapport with native speakers. This program is ideal for people who have to make a quick business trip to China or simply having a holiday.

Our special teaching method helps people unable to study in China benefit from all the advantages of learning from a qualified, native teacher. We help you achieve your Chinese language goals in an easy and cost-effective manner.

We will correct your mistakes, answer your questions and instruct you in all aspects of Chinese language from pronunciation to grammar.

Inquiries: Call us on (07) 33921 421 or email us to discuss your needs.

* No refund after course commencement. If a student withdraws before the beginning of the sessions, a refund minus 20% will be provided. All prices include G.S.T.

A 5% discount on the total course fee is available where 2 or more family members register for courses. This discount does not apply to business tuition, or any other special offers or discount.

We are so confident with the way how we teach, and We proudly guarantee you the results, if you are not satisfied with your results after 8 weeks, you can review the same program complimentary, as long as we run the same program again.

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