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China Business Trip

If you’re sourcing product(s) that would be produced at one or two factories, and the first order would fill a container, this package is for you.

Prior to your trip, we’ll research the total China market and tender your product, so you’ll make the most productive use of your time in China by only visiting the best-shortlisted suppliers.

The package includes:

1. Research & Tender

From the many people we’ve assisted with China trips, we’ve found it valuable to identify reputable suppliers and have them quote on an actual job before the trip.

In the ‘Research & Tender’ stage, we will:

  • Research the total China market for potential manufacturers
  • Tender out your job (including any suppliers you’ve already found)
  • Perform background checks on potential suppliers
  • Shortlist factories to visit.

You’ll go to China:

  • With ‘eyes wide open’, knowing who’s reputable, and fair market price. I.e. avoid paying ‘international price’.
  • Save time visiting factories who aren’t who they represent to be. E.g. trading companies/agents who represent themselves to be the factory
  • Save time by only visiting factories capable of producing your goods.
  • Be treated with respect by suppliers as they know you’re serious and not just a tyre kicker

Selecting the right supplier in the first place is critical to success in China. Imagine the cost of selecting the wrong supplier!


2. Pre-Trip Arrangements

Before your trip, we’ll arrange:

  • Invitation letter from China (necessary for your business Visa)
  • Entry visas
  • Accommodation booking in China
  • Itinerary for factory visits
  • Appointments with key factory personnel


3. Trade Assistant & Lindy Chen

During your trip, you’ll be accompanied by an experienced ChinaDirect team member with good oral English, for business purposes and tourism, and have direct telephone and email access to Lindy Chen, a world-leading authority on sourcing from China.

Your Trade Assistant will:

  • Greet and pick you up from the train station or airport
  • Translate and interpret all conversations
  • Prepare daily itinerary with you
  • Provide relevant documentation and information
  • Arrange all taxis and buses
  • Accompany you on factory tours and business meetings
  • Accompany you at exhibitions
  • Arrange further internal flights and hotel accommodation if needed

Additionally, Lindy will give you a pre-trip briefing including Chinese business etiquette, logistical advice about China etc., and will personally oversee your total project.

Phone ChinaDirect on (07) 3392 1421 to discuss your needs or fill in the enquiry form below.

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