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Product Sourcing

Product Sourcing Solutions

Interested in Importing from China?

Whether you’re a Business Owner, Start-up, Online Seller, Farmer, Inventor, or Seeking Financial freedom, we’ve got you covered.

We provide end-to-end import assistance to source, negotiate, and facilitate the delivery of products from China.

You can save 30% to 50% on costs by importing directly from the factory. Trust the award-winning ChinaDirect to manage your sourcing projects, ensuring time and cost savings and a hassle-free experience when importing from China to Australia.

ChinaDirect Product Sourcing Video Series

In this video, we will discuss ChinaDirect’s award-winning sourcing process, which has successfully managed the completion of over 2,000 projects, streamlining imports from China to Australia.

Explore the key stages by clicking on each section below to reveal the relevant videos:

In this video, we will discuss ChinaDirect’s award-winning sourcing process, which has successfully managed the completion of over 2,000 projects, streamlining imports from China to Australia and out Research and Tender process.



In this video, we will discuss the sampling process, a crucial and often challenging stage in the entire sourcing process, particularly for inventions or customized products. The duration of this stage can vary greatly, from as little as a week to several years, depending on the project’s complexity.


In this video, I will discuss Production and Delivery Management. Once the purchase order has been placed, we will monitor the progress and provide you with a production progress report every two weeks. As the production nears completion, we will have the supplier complete a Self-Assessment.


Sourcing Services and Opportunities

Assisted Direct Purchasing

Businesses of all sizes can now benefit from importing directly from China, previously exclusive to large corporations and multinational companies.

If you don’t actively explore the advantages of sourcing your products in China, it’s likely your competitors will. You might already purchase China-manufactured products from your current suppliers at significantly marked-up prices. ChinaDirect mitigates the risks associated with sourcing in China by partnering with reputable suppliers and employing rigorous quality assurance systems.

Our services include:

  • Issuing product tenders
  • Verifying potential suppliers
  • Providing sample products
  • Negotiating prices on your behalf
  • Conducting quality checks
  • Coordinating delivery to your doorstep

With our extensive network, systems, team, and resources, we can source the best deals for you in China. Take advantage of our complimentary Feasibility Check to determine if sourcing your product directly from China is viable based on the required quantity.

Custom Manufacturing

If your desired product isn’t readily available in China and requires custom manufacturing, provide us with detailed  Product Specifications, and we will identify an appropriate manufacturer for your needs.

To safeguard your valuable intellectual property, we can implement confidentiality agreements and other protective measures.

ChinaDirect will oversee the entire manufacturing project, encompassing the production of samples, negotiations, quality control, and logistics, ensuring a smooth and efficient process.

Supplier Management

Experiencing communication challenges with a Chinese company, such as language barriers, slow response times, continuous price increases, or delivery delays?

Let ChinaDirect alleviate your stress by taking over the management of your current supplier(s). In doing so, both you and your suppliers can enjoy a smoother, more efficient working relationship.

Inspection Services

Need a reliable way to assess a potential supplier’s factory or inspect your goods before shipment? Our experienced China team members can assist with the following:

  • Factory Audit
  • During Production Inspection (DPI)
  • Pre-Shipment Inspection (PSI)

Factory Audit

Our inspectors will:
  1. Confirm the factory’s existence
  2. Evaluate production competencies and capacity claims
  3. Verify the credibility of the representative you’ve been in contact with
  4. Assess the quality procedures in place.

The Factory Audit report will cover the factory profile, organization, production equipment, and capacity, quality assurance systems, technical standards, R&D, supplier management, hygiene, environmental and security measures, and social accountability.

During Production Inspection (DPI):

Inspectors will selectively assess products at various stages of the production line, focusing on:

  1. Identifying defects or deviations from quality standards in samples
  2. Determining the root causes of production defects
  3. Recommending practical solutions for defect rectification
  4. Inspecting and detecting poor-quality connections at different production stations
  5. Identifying supplier production weaknesses that lead to defects
  6. Performing product and component quality inspection before assembly
  7. Providing an In-line Inspection Report with digital photos
  8. Issuing a Corrective Action Report with digital photos
  9. Verifying the execution of the Corrective Action Report (CAR)

Pre-Shipment Inspection (PSI):

Conducted when the merchandise is completed, packed, and ready for shipment or when at least 80% of the products are packed.

Pre-Shipment Inspection (PSI) is performed according to an agreed Acceptable Quality Level (AQL) established between you and the supplier. During the inspection, our inspectors check the available quantity and take samples based on internationally recognized statistical random sampling techniques, such as ANSI/ASQC Z1.4, BS 6001-1, and ISO 2859-1. Inspectors will verify quantity, style, color, workmanship, size, packing, and shipping marks, ensuring the merchandise meets contract specifications or conforms to the approved sample.

You will receive a detailed Final Inspection Report with digital images.

Joint Ventures

Companies possessing prior experience in China may explore the option of forming a Joint Venture (JV) with a local enterprise.

Leveraging our extensive network and in-depth local knowledge, ChinaDirect can research and identify potential JV partners that align with your objectives and requirements.

Own Factory in China

Over time, some of our clients opt to establish their own factories in China.

Although we generally advise against this during the initial phases of engaging with China, it may be a suitable course of action for specific companies and products.

With extensive experience in setting up new factories in China, ChinaDirect can expertly guide you through every stage of the process.

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