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Chinese (Mandarin) - English Interpreting

We interpret spoken Chinese into spoken English and spoken English into spoken Chinese. We cover:

  • normal speech of a general nature;
  • speech of a specialist nature

Chinese Interpreting (Mandarin)For all but the most general matters, it is difficult to interpret well without prior preparation. Therefore we request the client to provide us with any background information available, ideally a few days in advance. We then study this material in detail and discuss it between us, maybe coming back to the client for clarification, in order that we are thoroughly prepared on the day.

For example, if a particular machine is going to be discussed, we would expect to be provided with technical literature about it (in either or both languages). If we are to interpret a speech, it would help to have notes from the person going to give it.

We provide face-to-face interpreting, telephone interpreting, business and conference interpreting from English to Chinese and Chinese to English.

Price for Interpreting:

  • $65 per hour
  • Minimum charge is an hour.

Schedule of Fees

Minimum charge up to 1 hour $65.00
Every additional half hour or part thereof $32.50
Cancellation on same day of assignment $65.00
Cancellation within 24 hours of assignment $35.00
Phone interpreting $15.00 per 15 minutes
Travelling allowance paid by prior negotiation
After-hours loading (before 8 am and after 6pm Including weekends and public holidays) 50%
Minimum charge – up to 100 words $50.00
Every additional 100 words or part thereof $22.00
Every 100 words or part thereof $20.00
Business Cards
One business cards $40.00
If there is more than one business card for the same company $20.00 for each extra card

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