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Translations (Chinese-English)

We translate texts from Chinese (Mandarin) into English and from English into Chinese. We localise Chinese (Mandarin) texts into English and English texts into Chinese (Mandarin). Whatever we translate, we can localise.

Localising is more than just translating. In addition to converting the language of a text, the culture-specific and nation-specific elements in that text are adapted to suit the intended readership.

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Interpreting (Chinese-English)

Chinese Interpreting (Mandarin)We interpret spoken Chinese (Mandarin) into spoken English and spoken English into spoken Chinese (Mandarin).

We cover:

  • normal speech of a general nature;
  • speech of a specialist nature

Chinese Interpreting For all but the most general matters, it is difficult to interpret well without prior preparation. Therefore we request the client to provide us with any background information available, ideally a few days in advance. We then study this material in detail and discuss it between us, maybe coming back to the client for clarification, in order that we are thoroughly prepared on the day.

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Chinese For Travellers

Chinese For Travellers Learn Chinese with real Chinese people in 8 weeks!

The Most Powerfully Effective Chinese Language Learning System Ever Developed! Imagine being able to speak and understand Chinese in only 8 weeks! Sound impossible? Well, it’s not! This is a revolutionary method of learning Chinese.

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Chinese Cultural Awareness and Etiquette Training

Chinese Cultural Awareness and Etiquette TrainingLindy Chen – Chinese Cultural Etiquette Training If you or your company is looking for success in China, then let multi-award winning ChinaDirect Sourcing assist you! Our signature Chinese cultural awareness and etiquette courses are guaranteed to help you maximize your potential to succeed in China.

Our one of a kind Chinese cultural awareness and etiquette workshop is tailored to meet the demands of today’s progressive business executives. Whether you seek to establish trade links, go on a business trip, or relocate to China for work, this seminar will give you the edge you need to stay ahead of the curve.

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