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Importing from China with Lindy Chen

Import From China (eBook):

eBook: Importing From ChinaHow to Make a Million… And Not Get Burnt!

This comprehensive step-by-step manual by award-winning international businesswoman, Lindy Chen is THE tool that will get your business where you want it to be by importing goods from China.

  • Discover the types of products you can import
  • End-to-End Process of Importing
  • Get to know the manufacturing specialties across all of China’s regions
  • Separate Fact from Fiction

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Introduction: How to Import from China

This series of videos was created to give you a head start in importing from China. In this series, you will find the breakdown of the ChinaDirect Importing Process – a well-planned system for importing from China that has evolved over many years, utilising and combining the best practices from both the East and the West.

This program aims to increase your knowledge and awareness of the procedures and processes that are involved when importing from China — assisting you in minimising the risks involved and creating a structure where your goods arrive both on time, and to the correct standard. 

What Product Should I Import?

Almost anyone can make huge profits being an importer if you follow the right steps in the correct order. I’ve seen plenty of people do it in my 15 years in International Trade in China and Australia. In fact, in the last three years alone, I’ve helped over 1000 businesses to import; from work-from-home mums, to publicly listed companies.

I’ll outline the steps to take before importing, in what order to take them and pitfalls to avoid, to get you on your way to making massive profits! We do it successfully every week for our clients, and with guidance, you can too. At the very least, this advice could save you thousands of dollars and months of your time.

 Our philosophy is to take baby steps and take actions that minimise risk.

Products to Avoid when Importing?

I’ll give you the heads up about a product category to think twice about, particularly if you’re new to importing. Just keep in mind this is my personal opinion, and some people succeed importing this category.

The category is consumer electrical goods, like AirPods, DVD players, Mac Books GPS’s, video games and flat-screen TVs. It’s a kind of sexy category, and therefore many people explore it, but here are my reasons against it.

These items are – Watch My Video to Find out…

China Opportunities in The Current Economic Climate

You have heard all about it – The U.S economy is on the brink of a meltdown and the chances are the Australia economy is not going to walk away unscathed. You are probably concerned about how this will affect your business – and rightly so.

It has been a challenge enough to keep costs down with fluctuating petrol prices and inflation. You may have already felt the brunt of reduced consumer spending as people begin to tighten up their spending in fear of grim economic times ahead. However, fear not; there are proactive steps that you can take to ‘recession-proof your business’. You can access a veritable ‘goldmine’ of tips and strategies to make the next few years the best few years your business has ever had.

The Secret to Thriving in Tough Economic Times? Watch the Video…

How Much Should I Order From China?

Many people at this stage say, “I don’t know how many I want because I don’t know how many I’ll sell”, or, “I just want a few to test the market”.

Knowing the quantity is important because you have to tell the supplier for them to give you a quote! The amount will determine how many factories will want to do business with you. Specify too many units, and some factories won’t quote because it’s beyond their capacity. Specify too few units, and factories won’t quote because it’s not feasible for them to produce your item.

You want to attract at least six quotes for your product to help determine a fair market price to pay, as prices vary greatly in China.

You’ll need to forecast – See Video…

How do I know if it’s feasible for me to import from China?

In this video, you’ll learn about determining whether it’s feasible for you to import from China.

After taking all costs of importing into account, we generally save our clients 30% to 50% on their current costs by importing from China.

What Specs do I Give Potential Chinese Suppliers?

Do not assume the supplier knows anything about your product, even if he is the number one supplier in the world!

Remember to include the specifications for packaging too, if applicable.

If there’s one thing you take out from this video, make it ‘specify the bleeding obvious’.

For a starting point and guide for your specifications, you can download our Specifications Form template.

What Does it Cost to Import from China?

In this video, you’ll learn about some of the possible costs associated with importing from China.

There are many variables involved, so use the following video as a guide.

How Long Does it Take to Import from China?

In this video, I will share with you about the timing involved in importing from China.

Find out our tried and proven system to get the right product delivered on time and at the agreed price.


  • Research & Tender
  • Sampling
  • Purchase Order Negotiation
  • Production & Delivery Management

Do I need to give my Chinese Supplier a Sample or Prototype?

In this video, I will share with you all about samples and prototypes.

If you can give your supplier a sample or prototype of your desired item, it will greatly increase the chances of receiving what you want.

Just give a sample to your shortlisted top 1 to 3 suppliers, not to everyone you request a quote from.

View more in the video…

How do I Negotiate with my Chinese Supplier?

In this video, you will learn about negotiating with your Chinese supplier.

Many of us have enjoyed bartering for goods at a market in Asian countries.

Here the vendor starts high, you negotiate them down, and it can be a lot of fun.

Did you know that in business to business dealing in China, the opposite usually occurs?

Find out in the video!

Do you want to create a special purchase order for your order? If yes, contact us today and we will guide you through the whole process.

Should I Get a Sample from the Chinese Supplier?

In this video, you’ll learn about getting a sample from the Chinese supplier.

When you’ve found a supplier you want to work with, you’re satisfied that they’re reputable, and you’re happy with the price of producing your order, the next step is to get a sample from that supplier, prior to placing an order for the full quantity.

Further details of the Sample Making Agreement can be found here. We have create the sample making agreement template English and Chinese version for you to purchase.


How do I Choose an Importing Agent?

Getting professional advice from an import adviser will assist you through the whole importing process, allowing you to have a better insight and understanding of your rights, the rights of the supplier, trade laws, and so on.

One of the questions I’ve been asked by clients is about agents they’ve found on the internet that will source products from China for a 5% commission, or less.

Be aware these agents also receive a commission from the manufacturer or supplier who supplies your products and to cover this cost the manufacturer or trading company will build in their commission into the offer price for the goods.

Read full list of 24 Tips here.

Inspect Before Shipment, or Not?

In this video, you’ll learn about inspecting your goods prior to their shipment to you. Pre-Shipment Inspection (PSI).

Once your goods have been manufactured in China, should you outlay more money to have your product inspected prior to loading on the container?

Find out more here.

Stay tuned for more Importing Videos...

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