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Import from Buttons to Bulldozers 1300 168 869

Import from China to Australia and save 30-50% from reputable Suppliers and Manufacturers

We find the Supplier / Manufacturer for you.

No Middlemen Margins!

Managed End-to-End importing.

Quality Control and Inspections.

Buy Bulk direct from the Factory.

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Chinese Manufacturer

Custom products manufactured to spec.

China Buying Trip

The Wholesale Buying Trip (Now via Video)

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Product Sourcing Solutions

Interested in Importing from China?

Whether you’re a Business Owner, Start-up, Online Seller, Farmer, Inventor, or Seeking Financial freedom, we’ve got you covered.

We provide end-to-end import assistance to source, negotiate, and facilitate the delivery of products from China.

You can save 30% to 50% on costs by importing directly from the factory. Trust the award-winning ChinaDirect to manage your sourcing projects, ensuring time and cost savings and a hassle-free experience when importing from China to Australia.

End-to-End Importing

We work for you

We know you want a competitive price, and that’s why we don’t add any middle-man margins. All of our prices are transparent for your convenience!


Research & Tender

We offer comprehensive research and tender services to find you the right supplier and negotiate the best price for you.



A Supplier needs to be capable of producing what YOU want in high quality; whether you have a sample of your product or product specifications, we take you through this process.


Quality Control

Our strict quality control process service makes sure the Supplier provides only top-quality goods. We also have an Office in China and offer factory audits and inspections.


Logistics & Customs

We provide a complete solution for any cargo, from small packages to heavy machinery, and delivery to your door or warehouse.


Your Supply Chain

Our clients love re-ordering, and we’re confident that once you get used to importing, your business will have a Supply Chain that improves your profit margin!

Pricing Transparency
we don't add any middle-man margins.

Over 30,000 Supplier Database

You get:
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