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China Wholesale Buying Trip

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Chinese Trade Assistant
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Imagine a guided shopping trip to the largest wholesale markets in China, then having Australia’s leading import company manage everything to get your precious cargo home.

The ChinaDirect China Buying Trip is an opportunity to deal directly with the Chinese Factories, not just ‘trading companies’ and ‘agents’!

We will show you how and where to buy smaller quantities at a low price while maintaining a high-quality product and on-time delivery. You can buy goods from different factory outlets to create a mixed container and avoid the usual Minimum Order Quantities (MOQ).

With our experienced English speaking Trade Assistant as your guide and translator, you’ll get 5-star quality products at a 2-star price.

Choose Your Wholesale Market(s)

Furniture – The largest wholesale furniture market and distribution center in the world.

Covers 32 million square feet, extends 5km and features more than 200 furniture outlets.

Building Materials E.g. Basins & toilet bows, sauna & steam rooms, Jacuzzis, faucets & fittings, sanitary, tiles & mosaic, floorboards, plaster ceilings, kitchens, cabinets, ply board, gypsum board, railing, wooden doors, glass, stairs cases, marble & granite, shower screens, ceiling, wallpaper and more.

Lighting The world’s largest lighting market includes residential, hotel & commercial lighting. E.g. wall lights, chandeliers, hanging lights/pendant lights, outdoor lamps, lamp posts and more.

Kitchen Supplies/Hardware – All commercial kitchen supplies, utensils, cookware, pots and pans, hardware, pliers, generators, cables, uniforms etc.

Textiles – Textiles, upholstery, and curtains.

Toys & Gifts – Home decorative items, toys & gifts

Clothing – Various clothing

Pet Products – Toys, treats, cages, apparel, fencing, pets accessories, collars etc.

Aquariums & Accessories – Marine & freshwater aquariums, UV lights, air pumps, fish foods, marine commercial filtration equipment, and other aquatic products.

Ceramics – Handmade ceramic sculptures, décor, and artifacts

Watches – Watches & Clocks


“I just wanted to say a big thank you for setting us up with Charmine for our buying trip in Foshan. She was an incredible help and we were able to find all the products we needed, and they were great quality also. I was a pleasure spending the time in China with Charmine.”

Elyse Hickey
Office & Accounts Manager
Highlife Homes

Who Does It Suit?

Buying Trips are ideally suited for people wanting to purchase smaller quantities of a number of items, that would at least fill a 20-foot shipping container.

Click here to read 1-page case study of the China Buying Trip which saved 2 clients $250,000 each!

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