What Specs Do I Give Potential Chinese Suppliers?

I will discuss with you the topic: What specs do I give potential Chinese suppliers?

In this video, you’ll learn about product specifications.

Before importing from China, it is crucial that you do your homework and prepare detailed specifications for your supplier.

Quality products start with your specifications.

The more specifications you provide a potential supplier, the greater the chance you’ll receive an accurate:

  1. Quote and
  2. Product produced to your standard

Do not assume the supplier knows anything about your product, even if he is the number one supplier in the world!

Remember to include the specifications for packaging too, if applicable.

If there’s one thing you take out from this video, make it ‘specify the bleeding obvious’.

The Chinese are master copiers, and they will make whatever you tell them, however, you have to tell them what you want, in detail.

Sometimes it helps to explain to the supplier why it is that you need the product to be produced this way.  If you neglect to do this, the Chinese supplier may just assume that you are a “Crazy Westerner”, and also conclude that they have a better way of doing it.

Including photos and artwork (if applicable) will significantly increase the chances of getting what you want, and are very powerful tools to utilise when importing.

Intellectual Property protection is important, and it’s recommended you use a Non-Disclosure Agreement that’s in English and Chinese. You can buy our standard NDA template both in English and Chinese from www.importingfromchina.com.au at a fraction cost of using a lawyer.

I highly recommend you have an NDA with Chinese version.

The next level of specification is to give the supplier a sample of your product, but bear in mind that this is only required once you’ve selected your supplier.

Think in great detail, and communicate all expectations clearly with your chosen Chinese supplier.

For a starting point and guide for your specifications, you can download our Specifications Form template.

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