What Product Should I Import? (Video)

I’ll assume you’re a busy person, so I’ll keep it relevant and to the point. 

Almost anyone can make huge profits being an importer, if you follow the right steps in the right order.

I’ll say that again.

Almost anyone can make huge profits being an importer, if you follow the right steps in the right order.

I’ve seen plenty of people do it in my 15 years in International Trade in China and Australia. 

In fact, in the last 3 years alone, I’ve helped over 1000 businesses to import; from work-from-home mums, to publicly listed companies. 

I’ll outline the steps to take before importing, in what order to take them and pitfalls to avoid, to get you on your way to making massive profits! 

We do it successfully every week for our clients, and with guidance, you can too. At the very least, this advice could save you thousands of dollars and months of your time.

Our philosophy is to take baby steps, and take actions that minimise risk.

Even if you’re not ready to start importing just yet, file these videos for future reference.  They may just save your bacon!

Where To Start

You may currently be in one of two boats:

    1. You know what you want to import, or
    2. You’re not sure what to import

If you know what to import – Great!  Your next step is to determine the quantity of products you want.  I’ll talk about that later. 

If you don’t know what to import, then look for a gap in the market, or extra value you could deliver to differentiate your product or service from the current offerings. 

Here I give you a hint:  Identify areas that people are feeling pain. 

Different people have success with different products.  You need to be able to sell the product out when it arrives, so do some market research first.  That is, ask your potential customers what they want and how much they’d be prepared to pay for it. 

Then develop a marketing, sales and distribution strategy.  E.g. be a wholesaler, have a bricks and mortar retail store, an online store, sell through eBay, sell through amazon etc.

China is considered ‘the world’s factory’ so there’s plenty of products to choose from. 

You can get some ideas from many online websites. 

But don’t restrict yourself to what you can buy ‘off-the-shelf’.  

The Chinese are excellent manufacturers, and they’ll custom make just about anything to your specifications.

To keep it simple and low risk, stick to only one product category that you can get from a single supplier in China first. 

Buying different products from more than one supplier and getting them in the same container starts getting a little more complex. 

Not impossible, but for newbies, it just increases the risks.

So, some ideas for what product to import:

  1. Ask your potential customers what they want and what they’re prepared to pay for it.
  2. See if the manufacturing capability exists in China for your product.  Contact us if you get stuck.
  3. Develop a marketing, sales and distribution strategy.  

The important thing is to get into action.  Identifying your product can be the first step to financial freedom.

Today I shared with you about what product to import, In the next video, you’ll find out what product to avoid when importing from China.

From myself and the team at ChinaDirect Sourcing, thank you for watching this video series.

If you like what you see and hear, and want to know more about it, contact ChinaDirect Sourcing, see details below.

If you need any assistance, or buy the book and DVD, import from China from www.importingfromchina.com.au written by me, and good luck with your importing from china! Enjoy the program!

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