Products to Avoid when Importing? (Video)

To save some time, I’ll give you the heads up about a product category to think twice about, particularly if you’re new to importing.  Just keep in mind this is my personal opinion, and some people obviously succeed importing this category.

The category is consumer electrical goods, like AirPods, DVD players, Mac Books GPS’s, video games and flat screen TVs.

It’s a kind of sexy category, and therefore many people explore it, but here’s my reasons against it:

These items are:

  1. High value, requiring a great deal of capital to buy a small amount of stock
  2. Constantly go down in price, therefore your stock may be worth less than you bought it for
  3. Are quickly superseded
  4. Competitive to re-sell
  5. Low margin

Also, keep in mind the product must comply with your country’s electrical standards.

And if you’re after brand name products e.g. Sony, Apple etc, there is a good chance they have existing exclusive distribution agreements in place.

People more suited to importing consumer electrical goods are generally experienced importers who know how to deal with the Chinese, and have good distribution channels for these products in place already.

Another thing to think about is, into which country you want to sell to?

What is good to sell the imported goods for one country, maybe very bad choice for another country. For example: you may notice most of the South east Asian countries import many Chinese cars from China, but this would be a terrible business for Australia or for Europe, first it wont meet Australian or European requirements and secondly most of the cars ( Chinese own brands) produced in China the quality is too low for Australian markets or European  markets.

As a guideline, you should not import complicated machines and equipment if you are from developed country. As you will face many problems. As starting point, you should import things that are technologically easy. also for anything including lithium batteries, I suggest do not import things – as this is also dangerous choice.

for All things, what are easy and middle level technology you can import, no problem.

don’t import Food and meat products from China if you are from developing country.

And of course, don’t import counterfeit products and illegal products what Chinese has copied. You will risk, that your goods will be confiscated and destroyed if custom think that your products are pirate-products.

Today I shared with you about what product you shall avoid to import from China, In the next video, you’ll find out China Opportunities in The Current Economic Climate .

From myself and the team at ChinaDirect Sourcing, thank you for watching this video series.

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