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[NSW Businesses] Grant for Commercialising New Products

Maximise the success of applying to the NSW Government MVP Ventures Program Grant by discussing your product idea with us today and its feasibility for importing from China. Contact Us…

NSW Government’s commitment

The NSW Government’s commitment to fostering entrepreneurship and innovation in the state is evident with the recent expansion of funding available under its Minimum Viable Product (MVP) Ventures program. This expansion demonstrates the government’s belief in the potential for new business ideas to thrive and grow, and provides essential support for entrepreneurs looking to bring their minimum viable product to market. By providing access to increased funding, the MVP Ventures program empowers entrepreneurs to take bold steps forward in their businesses and helps ensure the success of their minimum viable product. The NSW Government’s investment in this program is a clear signal of its support for the entrepreneurial spirit and its commitment to building a vibrant and thriving business community in the state.

MVP Ventures Program

The NSW Government has expanded the funding available under its Minimum Viable Product (MVP) Ventures program.

The maximum funding available has increased from $25,000 to $200,000 per company, eligibility criteria have been relaxed, and an effort made to streamline the application process.

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