Introduction: How to Import from China (Video)

This series of video has been created and published to give you, your staff, your company or even your friends and family, a head start in importing from China.

In this series, you will find the breakdown of the ChinaDirect Importing Process – a well-planned system for importing from China that has evolved over many years, utilising and combining the best practices from both the East and the West.

The aim of this program is to increase your knowledge and awareness of the procedures and processes that are involved when you import from China, therefore guiding and assisting you in minimising the risks involved and creating a structure where your goods arrive both on time, and to the correct standard.

This series promises to show you how to have Chinese Suppliers manufacture and deliver competitively priced, high quality products on time, and also to provide you with guidance and advice on what to do if things don’t go as they have been planned.

To create the maximum value for you as the viewer, subscriber and importer, this video series has been set out in an easy-to-follow, step-by-step format.

Starting from 3rd Dec 2019, twice a week – every Tuesday and Thursday, I will upload a new video, in English, and every Wednesday and Friday, I will upload the video in Chinese.  Share with you How to Make a Million… And Not Get Burnt.

Work through this program week by week. If you follow the instructions carefully, you can confidently expect to have your products delivered to your door within 12 weeks.

From myself and the team at ChinaDirect Sourcing, thank you for watching this video series.

If you like what you see and hear, and want to know more about it, contact ChinaDirect Sourcing, see details below.

If you need any assistance, or buy the book and DVD, import from China from written by me, and good luck with your importing from china! Enjoy the program!

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