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Sample Making Agreement – Templates

Don’t become another victim of fraud or disappointment.

You’ve found a supplier, believe they’re reputable, and you’re happy with the price. The next step is to get a sample made. After all, with everything you’ve put into your business, you don’t want any major hurdles with the finished product.

The ChinaDirect Sample Making Agreement is a tried and proven document to get the right sample safely and securely shipped directly to you on time.


How does it work?

Sample Making Agreement Template

The Sample Making Agreement contains a detailed product description, quantity to be supplied, and cost. It also sets out specifically your and your supplier’s responsibilities in manufacturing the sample product.

The Agreement is delivered in Word format so that it can be customised to suit your requirements. It also includes the Chinese translation to minimise the risk of any misunderstandings.

Now, you could hire a solicitor or lawyer to write up an agreement like this IF you had thousands of dollars to spare for their fees AND IF you could find one who specialises in International Trade with China.

Files Included:

  • Sample Improvements Template in English & Chinese
  • Sample Making Agreement Template in English & Chinese
  • Sample Making Requirements Template in English & Chinese