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Non-Disclosure Agreement

Non-Disclosure Agreement (Mutual)

Non-Disclosure AgreementWhen doing business with China, protecting your Intellectual Property (IP) is vital. One way to do this is with a non-disclosure agreement (NDA). An NDA is a contract that prohibits the disclosure of information that is considered confidential. This can include trade secrets, proprietary information, and other sensitive data. An NDA can also provide legal protection if your intellectual property is misused or infringed upon. As a result, an NDA can be a valuable tool for protecting your interests when doing business in China.

Here are just some of the issues addressed in this Non-Disclosure Agreement:

  • Restricts your supplier from copying your idea
  • Prevents your supplier from disclosing confidential information to third parties
  • Clarifies the limits of the Non-Disclosure Agreement
  • Protects intellectual property from being disclosed by employees