China Opportunities in The Current Economic Climate (Video)

You have heard all about it – The U.S economy is on the brink of a meltdown and the chances are the Australian economy is not going to walk away unscathed.

You are probably concerned about how this will affect your business – and rightly so.

It has been a challenge enough to keep costs down with fluctuating petrol prices and inflation. You may have already felt the brunt of reduced consumer spending as people begin to tighten up their spending in fear of grim economic times ahead.

However fear not; there are proactive steps that you can take to ‘recession proof your business’. In fact, you can access a veritable ‘goldmine’ of tips and strategies to make the next few years the best few years your business has ever had.

The Secret to Thriving in Tough Economic Times

If you can keep your costs lean and have a good competitive edge in your marketing you CAN thrive and prosper in tougher economic times.

The imperative is to take action. You need to take the actions now while the sun is still shining upon us. You need to secure yourself – like the little pig that made his house out of bricks – so you can stand strong when the economic storm hits our fair shores.

One of the ways that you can take action to secure your business in tough economic times is to purchase direct from China, or outsource your manufacturing to China (our clients save between 30% to 50% in this process, and you can too). If you do this – and your competitors don’t then you will have a HUGE advantage over them.

American research organisations have stated the Chinese economy will overtake the U.S economy by the year 2035 – so it is a matter of ‘not if but when’. The growth of China can be a threat to you or it can be your biggest competitive advantage. It is best to ‘back the winning horse’ and make sure it is your competitive advantage.

The First Step to Utilising the ‘China Advantage’ to Recession Proof Your Business

It is crucial to begin to understand China, its economy, its business philosophy and how to do business there successfully.

I have written a book, ‘Importing from China – How To Start Your Own Import Business Without Losing Your Shirt’ which will give you a great understanding of these three areas.

In fact, it is Australia’s must read guide to importing from China because it contains the secrets of negotiating with the Chinese and the steps to import successfully.

Having personally managed more than 1000 importing projects, it is all based on real practical experience of ‘what works’. 

From myself and the team at ChinaDirect Sourcing, thank you for watching this video series.

If you like what you see and hear, and want to know more about it, contact ChinaDirect Sourcing, see details below.

If you need any assistance, or buy the book and DVD, import from China from written by me, and good luck with your importing from china! Enjoy the program!

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