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Lindy Chen

Greater Brisbane

Lindy is the founder and the Managing Director of ChinaDirect Sourcing Services, ChinaDirect Investment, Frethan Technology, the founder of Australian Charities Buying Group and Australian Blockchain Alliance, author of “Import from China. How to Make A Million… and Not Get Burnt!” and “Doing business in Australia – for new immigrants” and co-author of “Women On Top”. Her book “How to Import from China” is used as an auxiliary textbook for international trade by the Queensland University of Technology.

She has more than 20 years of professional experience in international trade and supplier management. She was assigned by the Queensland Government of Australia as the mentor for the founding and growth of 800 small businesses. In addition, she is a multi-award-winning entrepreneur.

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Lindy’s Skills

Websites and selling online
  • Business website creation: WordPress
Social media and digital marketing
  • Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube for business
  • Email marketing platforms: Salesforce
Using small business software
  • Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Office 365
  • Bookkeeping software: Xero, MYOB, Quickbooks
  • Project management & workflow tracking
  • Time management: Planning tools, schedulers & calendars
  • Stock/inventory management
  • Quoting/invoicing software
  • Booking systems & event management
  • Payment systems
  • Sales tracking & management
  • Analysis & reporting tools
  • Customer Relations Management (CRM) platforms: Salesforce
Other Business Skills
  • Finance management and boosting cashflow
  • Staff management and creating a safe work environment 
  • Retaining and staying connected to customers
  • Resilience and wellbeing

Business Awards