The 10 Step Process

The 10 Step Process

Please be aware that in modern franchising it is important that both the franchisor and Franchisee satisfy themselves that the business concept, culture and terms suit both parties. In this regard we do not take deposits in the early stages of your enquiry but we do ask you to sign a confidentiality agreement so that we can provide you with information.

If you decide to proceed with an application for a ChinaDirect Franchise then you will follow the following steps:
  1. Complete the enquiry form in "Further Information" to register your interest.

  2. Our Business Development Manager will contact you for an informal interview to go through the basics of our business concept and discover if the concept matches your requirements and skills. If you are happy with the explanation then you will be offered our stage 1 pack.

  3. The Stage 1. Pack will include further information about the franchise system plus an application form that includes.
    1. General Application Information
    2. A Confidentiality Agreement
    3. An Assets and Liabilities Form
    4. A form to check credit references
    At this stage you can contact us with further questions or fill out the application form and return it to us.

  4. Upon receipt of your application we will access your application and if it fits our criteria we will then send to you a Stage 2. Pack, which will include draft agreement and disclosure documents along with a financial template so that you can undergo your due diligence.

  5. You will perform your due diligence and check out the business thoroughly. It is strongly advised to use the help of specialists in franchising for Legal, Accounting and Business advice. It is during this period that you will undergo further Informal interviews dependent upon the determination of the Business Development Manager and of course, your need to ask further questions.

  6. If you reach a stage that you are feeling confident in moving forward in becoming a franchisee, then we would set up a formal interview. This is where we interview you with senior management and ask you to perform a profiling test. You will of course be interviewing us at the same time. Following on from this it is time for us to decide if you are accepted as a franchisee for our system and time for you to decide if you are happy to proceed.

  7. If both parties are happy and you want to proceed then it is time to provide a deposit as we need to raise execution documents with the Lawyers. Please be aware that at this stage your deposit is still refundable less any real expenses or charges that may occur through the use of Lawyers fees etc.

  8. After a 2 week period of receiving the execution documents you may sign the agreements, however there is still a 7 day cooling off period before the agreement becomes active, after which you will need to pay the balance of the licence and training fees.

  9. A schedule for training will be given to you and you will need to attend the National Office for a period of training.

  10. Open your own ChinaDirect Office.

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