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To successfully import from China, you have to know at least a little about international trade with the Chinese.

By using these books, DVDs and supplier agreement templates, you'll avoid many of the pitfalls of importing from China, and not become another "importing horror story"!

Importing From China
How To Start Your Own Importing Business Without Losing Your Shirt - eBook

Importing From China - How To Start Your Own Import Business Without Losing Your Shirt
Cost: $47
Almost anyone can import from China, you just need to know how. This eBook has been designed to simplify importing, and get you started TODAY!

In it, you'll discover ChinaDirect's importing system that has been successfully used to import for over 150 clients.

If you want to learn the step-by-step secrets to importing from the world's leading sourcing company, then this is an ideal starter guide for you.

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Import From China
"How to Make a Million" and not get Burnt! - Paperback

Import From China - Paperback Book
Cost: $147
This comprehensive paperback book on importing from China, goes into the finer details of importing, and includes a bonus CD ROM full of templates and tools we use at ChinaDirect Sourcing to make our importing go smoothly.

If you're serious about getting the right product delivered to you on time and at the agreed price, then this the book for you.

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Import From China "How to Make a Million" and not get Burnt! - DVD set

Import From China - DVD
Cost: $397
In these instructional DVDs, Lindy Chen reveals the secrets she uses to excel in the game of importing.

Lindy's unique methodology was developed during 10 years working in China, and another six in Australia.

That "methodology" is the ChinaDirect Sourcing import system.

In these DVDs, Lindy lays the foundation for import success; from research and tendering your product, right through to delivery to your door.

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Chinese Supplier Agreement Templates

Doing business with China is risky enough. Doing it without proper agreements in place is asking for trouble!

If you're not using a sourcing company to help you deal with Chinese suppliers, you'll require your own set of Agreements with the supplier to ensure they're clear on expectations, and protect your interests.

Most suppliers prefer loose arrangements, because it minimizes their risk and liability. We recommend minimizing your risk by investing in professional Agreements.
Using proper documentation:
  • Shows you're serious about dealing with your supplier
  • Creates a foundation of understanding
  • Minimizes the inherent risks

Invest Once, Use Over and Over

For the first time ever, ChinaDirect are making available the Agreements that we've used to successfully import from scores of suppliers.

You'll avoid paying thousands of dollars to solicitors who may not be specialists in International trade with China, and owning these Agreements is like cheap insurance. Also, once you've bought them once, you can use them over and over.

We supply them in both Word document format (for easy editing), and PDF format, so you've always got the original template.

And to reduce the chance of misunderstandings, all templates are written in English AND Chinese for extra protection.

Save your time and money by using proper Agreements, and don't become another Chinese importing "horror story".
More information on Sample Making Agreements
Cost: $97

Sample Making Agreement
Get The RIGHT Sample From The Supplier

If you've found a supplier, satisfied they're reputable, and you're happy with the price, the next step is to get a sample.

The ChinaDirect Sourcing Services Sample Making Agreement is a tried and proven document to get samples safely and securely shipped to you, on time.

More information on Sample Making Agreements

Non-Disclosure Agreement
Protect Your Intellectual Property

More information on Non-Disclosure Agreement
Cost: $297
There are many ways to reduce the chance of Intellectual Property (IP) infringement.

Before revealing confidential information to your supplier, you can have them sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement.

This agreement restricts the supplier from copying your idea, or revealing that they are the manufacturer of your product. E.g. using images of your product on their website etc.

More information on Non-Disclosure Agreements

Purchase Order Agreement
Document Your Agreed Supply Arrangement

More information on Purchase Order Agreements
Cost: $697
When you've...
  • Found a supplier;
  • Are satisfied they're reputable, and
  • Received a sample to your satisfaction're now ready to negotiate the terms and conditions of the supply arrangement.

This will be formalized in a document called a Purchase Order Agreement, covering everything concerning your purchase, and remedies if things don't go to plan.

The ChinaDirect Sourcing Services Purchase Order Agreement is tried and proven to greatly improve the chances of getting the correct product delivered to the right location, on time.

It includes clauses for Quality Control Procedures, Terms of Payment, Moulds Ownership, Packaging Requirements and penalties for Quality Issues and Delivery Delays, amongst others.

To purchase an agreement like this could cost you hundreds or thousands of dollars in solicitors fees, if you could find a lawyer specialised in International Trade with China.

But the real value lies in the costly pitfalls it will help you avoid.

More information on Purchase Order Agreements

Supplier Self Assessment
Ensure Product Quality BEFORE Shipment!

More information on Supplier Self Assessment forms
Cost: $97
The Supplier Self Assessment outlines all your standards for product quality, against which the supplier will judge himself.

During the negotiation phase, use this form to make your supplier clear on your expectations.

Then have your supplier complete the form and fax it to you, prior to shipping goods, so you can approve it, or not approve it, prior the shipment.

More information on Supplier Self Assessment forms

Manufacturing Agreement
Establish The Foundation for a Long Term Relationship

More information on Manufacturing Agreements
Cost: $997
If you need to get your product custom manufactured, a Manufacturing Agreement will outline all the points to ensure consistent results and reduce the risk of misunderstandings in the future.

It acts as an umbrella agreement, covering your overall relationship with the supplier.

We use a Manufacturing Agreement when our client wants a long term relationship with the supplier, or the order value is high.

The Agreement is comprehensive and will serve as the foundation for a long term relationship with your supplier.

More information on Manufacturing Agreements

Exclusive Distribution Agreement
Protect Your Market

More information on Exclusive Distribution Agreements
Cost: $997
Consider this...

You find a great product, import it, invest in marketing to build the brand and reputation, then after 12 months your supplier starts selling to your competition. How do you avoid this situation?

Use an Exclusive Distribution Agreement to secure distribution rights.

Secure the rights before your competition does, and invest today in an Exclusive Distribution Agreement.

More information on Exclusive Distribution Agreements

Lindy Chen - Import From China

Lindy Chen, M.D. of
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Author of 'Import From China. How to Make a Million... and not get Burnt!'

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